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The Limoncino LDA Store

  • The Limoncino LDA
  • Shopify Store
  • 2022

Who Are They?

It all started with an unshakable desire to revive the love of bespoke artisanal furniture. Artisanal craft has always been a part of our journey, through 3 generations of Tuscan woodworkers. During the pandemic however, the drive to implement new ideas to our craft inspired us to renew this passion…
And with that, The Limoncino was born…
Our love and passion for plenishing each home with custom-made and curated artisanal pieces have enabled us to start this venture. For us, artisanal furniture is all about profound craftsmanship as contrasted to the commercial manufacturing evident from many regular furniture stores.
And this is why we have made our brand a quintessential representation of Quality over Quantity.

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